In parallel with the articles I write as current topics, I also do quite a lot of experimentation to improve my overall programming technique. This document is a compendium of the positive results of this experimentation. Most of the information is of a technical nature, so you should have at least some experience of programming, though the JavaScript tutorials were written with the beginner in mind. Where I discuss using some particular aspect of a programming language, framework or library, I'll do my best to explain the reasoning in an abstract manner, so that the motivation does not become too obfuscated by the necessary specific details. Some of this work is derived from the programming course I held in collaboration with the Linux User Group in Villafranca, Verona.
This, and the other articles outlined here, are also available as a PDF document (about 1.7 MB).

JPA 1.0

The Japa Persistence API 1.0 promises to bring vendor neutral object relational mapping to the Java platform. I am particularly interested in finding out how far that promise holds out, where things break down, and how to make sure you keep your code base clean and portable.
My development notes, and the source code can be found in the Java Persistence API 1.0 Gotchas article.


After making some progress using Groovy, and having finished the preparatory work for my programming course, I decided to try out Grails, using the WebAlbum application as a model. This is a simple photo album web application, which worked quite nicely as a more complex example in Ruby on Rails for the course. The intention is not to create another Pet Store war, between Ruby on Rails and Grails, but to experience the learning curve, and make some comparisons of the development cycle from a Ruby and a Java programmer prospective.
My development notes, and the source code can be found in the Grails WebAlbum article.

Ruby on Rails

With the release of version 2.0, and the programming course which I had just started, the time seemed ripe to check out the novelties, and put together a small, but reasonably complex example for my students. The result was WebAlbum, a simple photo album web application. With only a limited amount of time available, the final application was not sufficiently robust for production status. I've produced development notes of the modifications and experiments I made to bring the application closer to production quality, which, together with the source code can be found in the Ruby on Rails WebAlbum article.


The original tutorials started with a series of articles that I wrote back in 2007. I had finished a long period of software development initially using VBScript, and then moving to JavaScript for two ASP projects. Since then, thanks to the programming course, I've spent some time using two truly excellent libraries, prototype and script.aculo.us. I'm happy to say that most of the code that I wrote in my tutorials still stands up against the high quality of these modern JavaScript libraries.
The style of these articles is much more detailed than that of the later articles above. As such they can be consisted interesting material even for beginners, but possibly less so for advanced programmers.
The JavaScript tutorials, together with the source code, begin with the Using JavaScript article.


Syger can be contacted for consultancy work on any of the topics mentioned in this article, by sending an email to info@syger.it.

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